Bombningar och förstörelse: Vilka är orsakerna? (Engelska)

[Detta här brevet, även om det främst syftar på bombningar i muslimska länder så är det ändå relevant när det gäller bombningar i Europa, då det finns paralleller och samband.]

All praise and thanks are for God. May the messenger of God be praised and bl, and his family, and companions.

Some people claim that the incidences of Takfir (Takfir: Indiscriminately considering and/or declaring believers as being disbelievers without right. [Translator’s Note]) and bombings that occur from some of the youth result from unemployment and lack of jobs; these issues lead them to commit such acts. But this is a lie as clear as the sun on a spring day. We hear, just as everyone else hears, on news radio that whenever a group of them (terrorists) are arrested, lots of money is often found with them, sometimes reaching a million, sometimes more sometimes less, even though the number of individuals is often few. So, if poverty and unemployment lead to these acts, such amount of wealth would probably not be found in their possession. And the people who say this know they’re lying. Besides, how many nations have unemployment problems yet incidents like these are not common among them? This indicates there’s possibly another reason that trains them, a cause that encourages and supports them.

Other people say these people got the notion of Takfir from Muḥammad Ibn AbdulWahhab. I say this is also a lie and slander against Muḥammad Ibn AbdulWahhab, a false accusation. Muḥammad Ibn AbdulWahhab never considered anyone to be a nonbeliever except those whom God considers as such. He used to consider those who worship others besides God, committing major Shirk to be nonbelievers, just as God, the Mighty and Majestic says:

And whoever calls on another god besides God for which he has no proof, his account is only with his Lord. Surely, the disbelievers will never succeed. [23:117]

Also, he used not to even declare anyone as a disbeliever until after establishing clear and supporting evidences, and these available books of his testify against those who allege otherwise – those who make this clear, deceptive lie against him.

Other people say such people (the terrorists) got the notion of Takfir from the book “al-Durar al-Sinniyyah fi al-Ajwibah al-Najdiyyah” (a compilation of texts by Saudi scholars) – a lie just like the others. Anyone who claims this book declares someone as a nonbeliever without right, let him point out to us the volume, page, and paragraph this can be found within the book. If he can’t do so, then he’s a liar, having lost his honesty.

However, what is correct beyond any doubt is that these young people, those who declare Muslims as being disbelievers, they’ve taken this methodology, the methodology of Takfir, as well as substantiation for their bombings from none other than the methodology of The Muslim Brotherhood, al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin. They’ve adopted it as the essence (of their way), their patterns, their training, their cultivation and upbringing, and means of their incitement and motivation. They deceptively incite and claim that committing such crimes (Takfir & bombings) are forms of “Jihad” supported and encouraged by the Quran! And they take that from the books of Sayyid Qutb (d. 1966), the man who made Takfeer of the entire nation of Muhammad, may he be praised and blessed, as is mentioned in his Quranic explanation, “Fi Ẓilal al-Quran” (In the Shade of the Quran) vol.4, pg. 2122, when he says, “There is not on the face of the earth today a Muslim country or even a Muslim community with social principles based on God’s legislation or on Islamic understanding.” He also said similar things in his explanation of Sūrah Yūnus. He even claimed that Muslim mosques are really temples and places of idol worship. He encouraged political revolutions and overthrows in his explanation of Sūrah al-Anfal, alleging that Islam allows and commands it. He says in his explanation of Sūrah al-An’am vol. 2, pg. 1057:

The times have always revolved, since the day this religion came to mankind, around ‘There’s no god but God.’ But humanity has become apostates back to the worship of worshippers (other people) and to the injustice of other religions. They’ve become renegades, leaving ‘There’s no god but God’ even though a portion of them may still verbally repeat ‘There’s no god but God’ without even realizing its meaning.”

A group of bombers that appeared on Saudi television even confessed and stated they’ve taken the idea of Takfir from Sayyid Qutb’s books, specifically from “In the Shade of the Quran”. In this is a refutation against those who say that what leads these people to do their crimes is unemployment or other things.

I’ve read in the book, “Caravan of the Muslim Brotherhood” by Abbas al-Sisi – the first volume – lots of incidents showing that members of the Muslim Brotherhood were raised on a terrorist ideology since their beginning. Read, for example, vol. 1, pg. 258 about how Judge Aḥmad Bak al-Khazindar was murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood…( About 9 or 10 specific incidents at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood from the book, “Caravan of the Muslim Brotherhood” were omitted for brevity and due to the generality of the incidents. They were in no way omitted to conceal any of the crimes the Muslim Brotherhood are known for. For details see the Arabic document at: [Translator’s Note]) All these things are mentioned at the end of the first volume of “Caravan of the Muslim Brotherhood” by Abbas al-Sisi, one of those who’ve adopted and profess this methodology. His book is a compilation of such incidents, a confession to them. All these things and more occurred during the life of Hassan al-Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood) between 1947-1948. Is this not evidence enough that the Muslim Brotherhood is nothing more than a Takfirist sect, using methods of harshness, violence, and bombings? It’s the same terrorism referred to in present times.

I wrote this to clarify that the people who say that Takfir and bombings are the results of unemployment, or learned from Muḥammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab, or from the book, “al-Durar al-Sinniyyah” – all these allegations are false. Only the biased, sectarian factionalists of this same sect make such claims or those who sympathize with them.

Hopefully with this clarification, their lie is made known as is the deception of those responsible for trying to cover up the actual cause leading to that (bombings and destruction). With God lies all success. May peace be on our prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.

Aḥmad Ibn Yaḥya al-Najmi
2004-08-30 (7/14/1425 Hijrah)

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